The National University of Pharmacy (NUPh)


The National University of Pharmacy (NUPh) was founded in 1805 as a pharmaceutical department of Kharkiv Emperor University.

In 1812, primarily based on the University's chemical laboratory, the new pharmaceutical laboratory was opened.

Thus college students and those who have been preparing for examinations to get a pharmaceutical degree had an opportunity to obtain training in pharmacy, pharmacognosy, forensic medicine analysis and physiological chemistry.

  1. 1812 - the first pharmaceutical laboratory was organized in the Kharkiv Emperor University.
  2. 1921 - Kharkiv Pharmaceutical Institute was structured under the "unification of pharmaceutical education" program
  3. 1992 - Establishment of Ukrainian Academy of Pharmacy from Kharkiv Pharmaceutical Institute
  4. 1999 - obtained the status of the Ukrainian National Academy of Pharmacy
  5. 2002 - Reorganization of the Ukrainian National Academy of Pharmacy to "The National University of Pharmacy

Nowadays NUPh is one of the leaders among Ukrainian higher education institutions according to the contingent of foreign students.



NUPh has produced more than 20,000 pharmacists, three hundred engineers/technologists of the industrial pharmacy & approximately 4,000 specialists for 84 countries of the world.

UNAPh has produced specialist for:
Pharmacies, Pharmaceutical firms and Plant, Clinics, Hospitals, and other Medical Establishments.

The University has reached great success in providing highly skilled specialist training in the field of pharmacy, not only for Ukraine but also abroad.


NUPh has been training international students since 1965. Nowadays more than 16000 students study at the University

The University has produced more than 4000 professionals within the discipline of pharmacy for 84 countries of the world. In the NUPh international students can complete their education in Russian, Ukrainian or English.

Duration of studies in Russian and Ukrainian is 6 years (the 1st year study at the preparatory faculty). The duration of education in English is 5 years.



The university is located in the heart of Kharkiv. Kharkiv is considered to be the student's city, where science and education have always played a vital role. It is situated in the north-eastern part of Ukraine. It is the second-largest city in Ukraine. Presently, Kharkiv is a major cultural, scientific, educational, transport and industrial center of Ukraine, with numerous museums, theatres, and libraries.

The city occupies a total area of 350 sq. km. Currently, the population is 2,139,036.

There are 60 scientific and research institutes, eight museums, galleries, 7 theatres, eighty libraries in Kharkiv.

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The University's staff equals almost 2000 employees, including 617 pedagogical and scientific workers. 91% of staff have scientific degrees.

The university is a part of the following international associations and organizations,

  1. Great Charter of Universities (Magna Charta Universitatum)
  2. European Association of Faculties of Pharmacy (EAFP)
  3. International Pharmaceutical Federation
  4. International Association of Universities (IAU)

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NUPh campus includes:

  • 6 hostels with the total area of 28431 sq.m for accommodation
  • Household maintenance and hostel service;
  • Services for educational work and organization of students' life;
  • Settlement and student registration services.

The hostel system in NUPh is well-organized and equipped with everything for comfortable living conditions.

100% of arriving students are provided with accommodation in hostels.

The International Office provides a guarantee of accommodation placement services to all international students who receive an academic offer.

The territory of the University and the student's primary routes from the hostels to the educational buildings are protected and patrolled by officers of guard service.


Since 1974 V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University has been a full-time member of the International Association of Universities/UNESCO, a global association with over one hundred and fifty member states which cooperates with a joint network of international and national organizations

Since 2003 the University has been listed in the World Directory of medical schools of the World Health Organization (WHO) the International Medical Education Directory [IMED] and the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research [FAIMER] (USA).

In January 2004 the University became a full individual member of the European University Association.

In March 2010 the University was added to the European Nuclear Education Network [ENEN] Association as an associated member.


  • Abbreviation
  • Accreditation Level
  • Status
  • Established
  • Students trained
  • International Students
  • : UNUPK
  • : IV
  • : State
  • : 1805
  • : 17500
  • : 1600


  • Pharmacy (English/Russian Medium)
  • Clinical Pharmacy (English/Russian Medium)
  • Perfumery and Cosmetic Technology (English/Russian Medium)
  • Industrial Pharmacy (English/Russian Medium)
  • Management in Production Sphere (English/Russian Medium)
  • Economy of Enterprises (English/Russian Medium)
  • Marketing (English/Russian Medium)
  • Post Graduate Faculty
  • Preparatory Department

International Recognition