Kharkiv Educational and Scientific Institute of SHEI “Banking University”

Kharkiv Institute of Banking of the University of Banking​

Kharkiv Institute of banking was founded in May 1944 as Kharkiv Accounting and Credit Technical School of the USSR State bank. In the year 1991 was reorganized to Kharkiv Educational and Scientific Institute of SHEI “Banking University”. On May 16, 2019, Kharkiv Educational and Scientific Institute of State Higher Educational Institution (SHEI) “Banking University” celebrated its 75th anniversary. The Institute provides educational services related to obtaining a complete higher education and improving staff qualification of banking institutions.

Features of the learning process:

  • proactive nature;
  • end-to-end and continual practical training;
  • end-to-end computer training; the integration of educational and scientific activities and active involvement of youth in scientific research work;
  • close cooperation with leading experts of banking and financial institutions;
  • formation of knowledge and skills in foreign languages in professional field;
  • stimulation of creatively gifted youth.



All students at SHEI are provided with a place in a dorm.

Rooms in the dorm are for 2 or 3 persons.

Students can use a kitchen and dining room, have all conditions for studying and recreation.

Living conditions at the university, be it transport or rent, is quite cheap.



Kharkiv is also known as Kharkov is the second-largest city in Ukraine with an approximate population of 2,139,036. The climate is humid continental with an average temperature of 26.4 °C during summers and -7 °C. It has relatively long and cold winters.

It is a major cultural, scientific, educational, transport and industrial center of Ukraine, with numerous museums, theatres, and libraries.

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During 75 years of the activity, the Higher Educational Institution has graduated more than 40,000 highly qualified specialists. Among them, there are famous Ukrainian bankers and managers, organizers of Banking, financier, professionals working in various positions in the system of the National Bank of Ukraine, commercial banks and made a substantial contribution to the growth of national banking system.


  • Abbreviation
  • Accreditation Level
  • Status
  • Established
  • : KhIBS
  • : IV
  • : State
  • : 1944


  • Faculty of banking (Russian Medium)
  • Economic Faculty (Russian Medium)
  • Post Graduate Faculty
  • Preparatory Department

International Recognition