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V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University is one of the oldest universities in Eastern Europe. It was founded in 1804, on the initiative of the prominent educator V.N. Karazin and in accordance with the charter of Tsar Alexander I. The University is the only institution in Ukraine that has trained and employed three Nobel Prize laureates: the biologist I. Mechnikov, the economist S. Kuznets, and the physicist L. Landau. At different times titles of Kharkiv University Honorary Members and Doctors were conferred on outstanding scholars and public figures of many countries, including J.W. Goethe and A. Humboldt, I. Franko and L. Tolstoy, P. Semenov-Tyanshanskiy, and others. The title of Honorary Doctor of Kharkiv University was conferred on the first President of Ukraine Mykhailo Hrushevskyi. Kharkiv University is associated with the first Ukrainian newspapers and journals and the first scientific societies. In 2003, following the decree of the President of Ukraine, V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University obtained the highest status of a self-governing (autonomous) state university.


Ukrainian National University of Pharmacy Kharkov

• Pharmacy (English/Russian Medium)
• Clinical Pharmacy (English/Russian Medium)
• Perfumery and Cosmetic Technology (English/Russian Medium)
• Industrial Pharmacy (English/Russian Medium)
• Management in Production Sphere (English/Russian Medium)
• Economy of Enterprises (English/Russian Medium)
• Marketing (English/Russian Medium)
• Post Graduate Faculty
• Preparatory Department


Kharkiv Institute of Banking of the University of Banking

• Faculty of banking (Russian Medium)
• Economic Faculty (Russian Medium)
• Post Graduate Faculty
• Preparatory Department

Kharkiv Institute of banking was founded on May, 1944 as Kharkiv Accounting and Credit Technical School of the USSR State bank. Since the year 1991 it had become the National Bank of Ukraine property and subhead.


Odessa National Marine University

• Faculty of Water Transport and Shelf Structures (English / Russian Medium)
• Shipbuilding Faculty (English / Russian Medium)
• Faculty of Port Engineering (English / Russian Medium)
• Marine Engineering Faculty (English / Russian Medium)
• Faculty of Transport Technologies and Systems (English / Russian Medium)
• Faculty of Economics and Management (English / Russian Medium)
• Faculty of Law (English / Russian Medium)
• Post Graduate Faculty
• Preparatory Department

The University began its history in June 1930 as the Odessa Institute of Water Transport Engineers (OIIVT). In 1945, it was renamed the Odessa Institute of Marine Engineers (OIIMF).
Since its foundation Odessa National Maritime University remains the unique institution with its organizational structure, laborious and glorious history, created by decades of its teachers and alumni. Our higher education today is known in Ukraine and abroad.


Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics

• Faculty of Computer Sciences (English/Russian Medium)
• Faculty of Computer Engineering and Control (English/Russian Medium)
• Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Management (English/Russian Medium)
• Faculty of Radio-engineering (English/Russian Medium)
• Faculty of Telecommunications and Instrumentation (English/Russian Medium)
• Faculty of Electronic Devices (English/Russian Medium)
• Faculty of Electronic Engineering (English/Russian Medium)
• Post Graduate Faculty
• Preparatory Department

Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics begins its history with the establishing of the Kharkov Institute of Civil Engineering (KHISI) in 1930. In 1944 Kharkov Civil Engineering Institute was transformed into the Kharkov mining and industrial of the coal industry of the USSR (HGII), and in 1947 – into the Kharkov Mining Institute.
In 1962 Kharkov Institute of Mines converted into Kharkov Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Automation and Computer Engineering (HIGMAVT), and under the title Institute operates until 1966 and then gets a new name: the Kharkov Institute of Radio Electronics (HIRE).

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