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Admission in Ukraine

- Are you interested studying in Ukraine?

- Admission for the 2019-2020 academic year is now open.

- You can make your dream come true by becoming a qualified professional in an academic field of your choice (Medicine, Economics, Aviation, Aeronautical Engineering, Computer Science and many more). There are many courses to choose from.

Step 1. Verification of Documents.

The applicant should send his request with scanned copy of documents to our email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by filling up the Application Form

Step 2:Evaluation of Documents

Each application is evaluated individually, as different universities has different requirements. After the university goes through the documents, each prospective applicant will be informed about their confirmed admission .

Step 3.Letter of Invitation for study

After admission is confirmed by the concerned university, Invitation letter is issued to the applicant to get a visa. The applicant should also mention in the application form, the country from where he will apply for the Ukraine visa incase his country does not have an Ukrainian embassy and also mention his full residential address ,so that we can send him the invitation letter by post.

Step 4. Acquiring a visa

As soon as the applicant receives the Invitation letter of study, he should straightaway contact the Ukraine embassy in his country (or in neighboring country if it's not present in his country )

Step 5. Receiving at the Airport

The applicant should buy his flight tickets soon after receiving his visa & straightaway inform us about his arrival details , in order to start with the formal arrangements with the airport authorities and arrange for an official representative to guide him through the airport and take him to the University Hostel. The applicant should bring all the necessary original documents needed for admission in university ,which will also be checked at the Immigration clearance.

SAU is perfect answer for your question "How to take Admission in Ukraine". We at SAU provide you detailed information about admission process in Ukraine.  Apply now as Admission in Ukraine for the 2016-2017 academic year is now open.

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